Monday, June 28, 2010

Water Babies

As soon as we arrived in Tuscaloosa, we shed our clothes, put on our swimmysuits, and jumped in. Kaye was already in the pool and Brittany was on her way (almost) so we had lots of adults to supervise and entertain the little ones.

Hutch before he got in the pool.

Finn showing more concentration as she kicked around the shallow end.

Sweet swimmer Chloe--she pulled another jump in before anyone is ready trick twice this trip. I wonder if she will ever learn that she will always sink if she isn't wearing floaties.

Even Hutch took a turn riding the pony.

Brittany was a patient and enthusiastic parade/conga line leader.

I love love love how happy Hutch looks in this picture, even if he is in the background.

Finn was scared or at least acting scared of the water a few weeks back so for her to voluntarily dunk her whole head under the water is amazing.

A thrilling jump sequence! (See Brittany, I told you I would make it small enough so that nobody would know it was you!)

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