Monday, June 28, 2010

Water Babies

As soon as we arrived in Tuscaloosa, we shed our clothes, put on our swimmysuits, and jumped in. Kaye was already in the pool and Brittany was on her way (almost) so we had lots of adults to supervise and entertain the little ones.

Hutch before he got in the pool.

Finn showing more concentration as she kicked around the shallow end.

Sweet swimmer Chloe--she pulled another jump in before anyone is ready trick twice this trip. I wonder if she will ever learn that she will always sink if she isn't wearing floaties.

Even Hutch took a turn riding the pony.

Brittany was a patient and enthusiastic parade/conga line leader.

I love love love how happy Hutch looks in this picture, even if he is in the background.

Finn was scared or at least acting scared of the water a few weeks back so for her to voluntarily dunk her whole head under the water is amazing.

A thrilling jump sequence! (See Brittany, I told you I would make it small enough so that nobody would know it was you!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A piece at a time......

We had a blast on our fun-filled five day getaway. I will be posting lots of pictures including an exciting action sequence taken at Aunt Kaye's pool. For now, a little bit of artist Finn. This is what inspired her:

And this is what she drew:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swimming Pool Fun Plus More

We have spent a lot of time waiting for these days. The hot hot days where we can justify breaking out the pool and cooling off. Here is our inaugural dip into our purple pool.

1/3 of the kids looking at the camera. So close!

Getting closer!

So grown-up looking my sweet 5 year old girl!

Ya big cheeser you!

Drippy popsicle juice is yummy!

Taking a picture of one child is hard to do when you have a big sister who can be a camera ham.

Since Finn has started feeling like herself lately she has been smiling more and more. I love love love it.

Our first family swimming trip to Grandmama and Granddaddy's. Jeremy had taken the girl on one other occasion but I had not yet been. In this picture you see Finn jumping in and Chloe waiting her turn right?

What do you see here? Confused perhaps by the big pink circle? Well that is Chloe. Just as Jeremy caught Finn Chloe jumped in. He wasn't ready for that, obviously, and she sunk like a stone. Thankfully, though, her life vest was bringing her up as he was grabbing her.

She did not appreciate that experience. The good news is she did not let it deter her from jumping in again.

Sweet sisters!

So happy when she tries to tip her Daddy's float over!

Finn laughing at Jeremy falling in for the millionth time! It's always heelarryus!

Back home in our pool!


Love how proud he looks here. Do you think he knows he is way loved?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gimme an H, Gimme a U, Gimme a TCH

What do you got?


Say it again!


This post is all about the little man in my house. His likes and interests and his favorite ways to relax at the end of the day. At his 6 mth check up he was a beefy 16 lbs 2 oz and was 28 in long. His noggin was an impressive 17 1/2 around which is due to the extraordinarily large amount of gray matter he possesses. He is a smart one I tell you. Hutch is in size 3 diapers although he could stand to still be in size 2's. But, a local drug store had size 3's half off so we bought those. So far so good and no leaks. He wears mostly 6-12 mths clothes because 3-6 was getting snug in the length. I prefer a slightly baggy look because having a diaper wedgie all day from a too tight onesie cannot be comfortable. He is eating well and when I remember he has three meals of baby food a day. He likes green vegetables but not avocado, and even likes pinto beans. His favorite food though is:

He has not mastered the picking up of the food (puffs) and putting it into his mouth but loves when we do it for him. I don't think he will wait too much longer before he figures it out and then whoa nelly, here comes the eating us out of house and home. He loves his big sisters, especially when they attempt to entertain him. He is also taking a keen interest in a furry member of the family.

He has not mastered the crawl although he can propel himself around the room by rolling and launching himself forward in a complicated move that defies the laws of physics. He is also not sitting up yet but remember excessive gray matter is quite weighty.

At the end of a long hot day he enjoys a dip into the pool and a relaxing ride in a float to calm his nerves. Doesn't he just look peaceful?

He actually stayed in the water so long yesterday he ended up with these:

The last few things about Hutch at 6 mths that I want to remember are the raspberries he can blow, the smiles he gives and the way he tucks his head into my shoulder when somebody talks to him. It really is too too cute. And before I forget, I will warn you all that in the future I will be delving into a rather scary subject. Hutch, I am afraid has two personalities fighting for control in his body. The first on is a clean, well mannered young man who is always neatly dressed. His name is Hutch Scott.

The other one can be summed up by his name. Meet Oppi Wan, jedi in training.

Doesn't he look fearsome and strong?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance Recital

We survived recital week and all the crankiness that came with it. For three nights the girls had practice that did not start until 7pm. Our two kids are normally in bed between 7:30 and 8:00 so there sleep was all messed up. Then the two performances didn't start until 8 on Friday and Saturday night. Add all that in with the fact that Finn was still trying to get well and it was a LONG week. I learned a lot about the girls this week though.
1) They both really really want a Leap-ster.
2) When they are not given a Leap-ster they will use other toys to pretend they are playing a Leap-ster.
3) Chloe cannot skip but she tries so hard and isn't that really all that matters? Trying and trying again until you can get it?
4) Chloe loves the stage and garnered her own rounds of applause each night. Saturday night it was for showing her panty cover to the entire audience.
5) Finn is good at dancing and it shows.

Now for the pictures:

Outfit #1

Mesmerized by the pretty lights

These two pictures are actually cropped out of one photo showing all the dancers in Chloe's class. Notice how none of their feet seem to be doing the same thing?

Outfit #2

Chloe tries so hard and does it all with a smile.

If you look closely, she has her tongue stuck out in complete concentration!