Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Just a few pics of the boys I wanted to share.

HBomb and his new hat

HBomb is the new nickname given to Hutch by his daddy. I think it fits, in fact, I KNOW it fits.

Since the girls are in school, I have attempted to give Hutch a few activities a week to boost his brainpower. Here, he is using a balloon to paint a letter B with blue paint. Genius, ain't it?

It went well and wasn't too messy until he tried to blow up the balloon that was covered in paint. Yuck!

Sweet J.B. not crying which is completely shocking because it is all he does if he isn't being held.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Chloe Goes to Preschool

Chloe had her first day of preschool at the elementary school today. Doesn't she look bee-utifull?

She had a great day and told me she never wanted another teacher because she liked Mrs. Buckelew a whole bunch.

Other Stuff

Hutch loves his new toybox. I got this box to block the baby gate he was scaling with increasing agility. He then used the box to just slide over the gate. But first he would take the top off and climb inside. Silly boy.

A little bit of cr@yola creativity--a reward was offered for the capture of Jeremy "JayDog" Scott who was guilty of not helping Chloe.

Little Cats Cheer Camp

We must get pumped up for the Bobcat football season!

Hutch is pretty agreeable to most things the girls ask him to do. He even puts on silly hats and answers to Spice Kitty from time to time.


For months, the girls asked nicely for the butterfly garden as seen on tv. I finally relented when the price got right on am@zon. We had five caterpillars that snuggled themselves into cocoons and emerged a few days later as beautiful butterflies.

Hutch loved watching them fly around inside the garden for the three days they stayed on our table. Every morning as he ate his breakfast, he would scream "buttahflieeeees".

The last one takes flight as the girls look on happily.

Chloe looking so sweet

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Heinz Time

Time to catch up on the last few days weeks. Here are a couple of super cute J.B., he is really getting big.

Hutch loves to get into Chloe's vanity table and eat, I mean apply the lip gloss.

He wears it well, right?

J.B. turned 3 months old during the week of sickness so he isn't too happy about being photographed.

Hutch likes to wear silly shoes, especially ones that make noise through the house. Oh and I did take this for future blackmail material.

Finn had her first day of school and was really happy to be able to go meet new friends.

A kiss for luck and she was on her way.

I do realize that 1 of the fab four isn't pictured, but she will make an appearance next post. Pinkie promise.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Never Again

Never again do I want to see what I saw in the early morning hours of Tuesday. I have never been so scared/terrified/helpless/panicked and desperate as I was then. Finley started running a temp Monday evening. Before she went to bed, it was 103. I had a sneaking suspicion she had another uti but decided with ibuprofen and a little luck we would make it until her doctor's office opened on Tuesday. Boy was I ever wrong. I checked on her before I went to bed around 11:30. Her temp had come down to 99.5 so I went on to bed. I set my phone to wake me up at 3am but didn't need it. Finn woke me up a little before 3 and I knew she was not well. I took her temp and it was 104.7. I gave her meds and water and laid her back in her bed. She threw up and I will admit, I wasn't happy about having to change the sheets and scrub the bed. She was in the bathroom sitting on the floor. I tried to give her more medicine and was making plans to cover her with cold towels in my room. I had towels, my phone and the thermometer in my hand and was headed down the hall when I heard a crash. I ran back to the bathroom and saw Finley having a seizure. I am not going to go into details about it, because really, I wish I could forget. Anything you can imagine might come close to what I saw and if you have ever witnessed someone having a seizure well you just know. I dropped my phone and everything else and grabbed her up. (This is not what you are supposed to do when someone is seizing but I had to hold her so she would know I was with her.) I ran as best I could back to my bedroom to get the house phone. I thought it would be better to use it to call 911 rather than my cell. I couldn't find it, so I took Finn to the kitchen and laid her on the floor. Then I ran back to the bathroom and grabbed my cell phone. I wasn't the most calm person on the phone but I was FREAKING OUT BIG TIME!!!! I was in pj's so I ran to my room to change and get shoes on. When I made out of it back to the kitchen I saw the first police car pull up and I scooped Finn up and ran outside. I probably should have stayed in the house because Chloe was upset and Hutch was screaming but for a few seconds I needed to not be responsible for Finn. That might sound wrong to some but if I had not had a few seconds I wouldn't have been able to function at all and she needed me. I had to put the dog in the backyard because Reesee bounded out of the door as officers went in and they were afraid she would bite. I don't know how many police cars ended up at my house but there were a bunch there. Finally I saw the ambulance and relief flooded over me. Finn was still not responding at all but at least we were one step closer to the hospital. The 911 dispatcher called the gray house and alerted them to what was going on. I called Jeremy and regret doing that in the heat of the moment. It wasn't the most well thought out plan to wake him up with the news Finn had a seizure. I also called April thinking she had already been called by the gray house inhabitants. She had not and again, that wasn't my best thought out idea. She arrived seconds behind Granna and Granddaddy who immediately took charge of the other three kids. I jumped in the front seat of the ambulance and prayed for them to move faster. TeeTee hopped back in her car and followed us to the ER. As soon as she was wheeled in they began the rapid cool down process. There was a bunch of cold towels placed on her, an iv started, and blood work drawn. She also had a hefty dose of tylenal. She still was not responding or coherent and it was hard to see. If you know Finn at all she never stops chatting. TeeTee went to call Jeremy and he was trying to find a flight home. I told him not to do that yet, because as far away as he is, it didn't make sense for him to leave unless things were critical. Now things were really bad, but she was still breathing and slowly began to come around. The thermometer at the ER read 107.4 but they thought that couldn't be accurate. I will never know how high it was but in the end, that really doesn't matter. After a couple of hours and a few visitors, we were sent home with instructions to see her pediatrician asap. We did and I was right all along, another uti. We are on the road to recovery now (Finn physically, Me emotionally) and I hope she doesn't have another one anytime soon. But you can guarantee that I will not ever wait a suspected uti out overnight ever again.