Thursday, February 25, 2010


Stroller Sleeping

Shovel Slinging

Something Special

Strangely Seasonal

Shoeless Socks

Suddenly Screaming

Sharing Snacks

Shadowy Smiles

Simply Stunning

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Funny Valentine

Jeremy has been in and out of town a lot lately and he wanted to surprise his girls for Valentine's Day. So, he set up a delivery for Friday which was the snow day. Early that morning before the weather got bad, he yelled for us all to go to the door. Standing there was a man and his young daughter. He was holding the flowers in the picture above and two gift bags that held teddy bears. I wasn't able to get a picture before they were opened. Later that day when asked where the bears came from, Finn said "My other Daddy brought them." Jeremy did not appreciate that one bit. I thought it was hilarious.

Hodge Podge of Love

First some Chloe quotes:

Me: Chloe, zip your lips.
Chloe(while crying): My lips don't have a zipper.

Chloe: Can I have a piece of candy?
Me: No.
Chloe: I was talking to Daddy.

Valentine outfit #1--they wore to MDO for their party on 2/9

We are big fans of Snoopy in this house so when I saw these shirts, they were a must have for them.

On 2/10, we had a hugely busy day. We had to run to W-mart and grab some more decorating supplies for the banquet at church, get haircuts, take Chloe to dance, head to the church to finish decorating and be ready to celebrate love all by 5:30. Whew, I get tired just remembering it. These are Valentine's outfit #2 and pictures from the banquet. (P.S. My girls are mostly refusing to wear bows unless they are like Emma and those only stay in for 2.5 seconds so we have a lot of disheveled scraggly hair photos coming your way).

The next day I spent most of the day cutting out little bitty pieces of cardstock to help TeeTee with her bake sale goodies. She made burgers and fries to sell to help a coworker. Good cause for sure but boy did it make my fingers ache. Here are the finished products and a cheer for frosting.

Granddaddy's lapful

The next day was Friday the snow day and you have seen enough of that, right? On Saturday, we headed to Dothan a little later than we had planned but just in time for lunch at Chuck E. Cheese. We (JEREMY) broke in front of like 6 other families and we were seated quickly. He claims he didn't know since he had never been there but I think he was being shady. The pizza was okay but not great, the girls only wanted to slide, and we ended up with tons of tokens left over. I also came very close to being yakked on by some random girl. I was not happy about that. After we finished playing we headed to the mall for a carousel ride and some yummy cookies. Then it was back home to pick up Hutch from his day at the gray house.

And yes, I'm sure you can tell these pictures were not taken with my good camera.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Snow Post I Promise

Unless it snows again, of course! The whole time we were outside Reesee was out there with us. She loved chasing snow balls and trying to catch them in her mouth. Late in the afternoon, Hayley came to join the fun and for a while they ran wild in the backyard. The slideshow is some of the dogs playing and some shots around town that Jeremy took during the golf cart ride.

Waiting ever so patiently

Going for it


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day Take 2

After we had warmed up for awhile and had lunch, TeeTee got off of work and came over to play. The girls were really excited because we had promised them "snow cream" when she came over. They really had no clue what it was, but knew it must be special if I was talking it up so much. So we bundled up again and headed back out. At this point, we had about 3 inches so there was plenty for snowballs and more snowmen.

Chloe in lots of layers

snowball in flight again--by the end of the day Finn was dead on with her aim, me, notsomuch

Freezing family portrait

one more time without the dog

Leafy the Snowman

Chloe concentrating

the snowman Finn built all by herself

snow smiley

Hutch did not appreciate the snow at all. He was only out there for 30 seconds as I snapped a couple of pictures but he cried for 27 of those seconds.

Daddy and Chloe with the gigantic-est snowball in the whole world

Chloe close-up

Finn would not sit on the giant snowball. Every time we put her on it, she would say "Wheeee!" and slide down. After this round of play, which I assumed would be our last, we headed in for snow cream. The kitchen floor was a jumbled mess of wet clothes and shoes and mittens with hats. The girls got back into cozy pj's and we settled in for the rest of the day, until...........

Somebody knocked on the door. Outside was a ready to go golf cart and a co-worker of TeeTee's and her husband. They offered to take the girls for
a spin and so we threw some even worse mis-matched clothes on them. Off they went with Jeremy for a simple ride to the gray house so I thought. When they got back, the girls were telling me fanciful tales of "off-trackin'", mud and people. Between our house and the gray house, there are no off-track situations, only quiet residential streets. I was confused but then TeeTee told me what they meant. After they arrived at the gray house, the girls and TeeTee took off on the cart and ended up at the middle school's football stadium. Apparently there were lots of kids using pool floats for sleds behind the school and the girls went off-road through some mud. Finley loved it and Chloe begged for them to get back on the road. They came in for the third time with frozen popsicle fingers, red cheeks, and a very bad attitude because they were so very tired, but the day as a whole was simply magical.

Friday, February 12, 2010


That was the last time these parts saw a snow of the magnitude we witnessed today. Three whole inches were dumped on us during a most fabulous display of beauty. The girls were in heaven and I was so excited to share it with them. (Monster picture overload coming in a few posts) We woke up at our normal time and saw this:

Not too impressive and although there was some excitement from Finn, I knew it wouldn't do all the things she wanted to do with it. That is not enough for snowballs or snowmen. So we drank some coffee cooled our jets and by 9:30 we had this

Now we were getting somewhere and we started having fun. There were snowballs a flying everywhere and we built the first of four snowmen and one snow ant.

Finn on the attack

Chloe preferred making footprints and blazing trails into undiscovered parts of the yard.

snowball in flight

having a snack

Chloe looking adorable

Our first snowman

Finn after she decided to lick the snow off the ground. don't worry I made her stop after I took this picture and the 12 or so after it

The rewarming process is brutal!

But hot chocolate and marshmallows make it all better!

coming in the next post will be the second round of snow play and a story involving a golf cart ride