Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A bunch of wild animals

On the morning of day 4, we had an early breakfast at Tusker House.  All you need to know about that is one word-- YUMMY!

J.B. loved Daisy!

No matter the weather the safari ride is the best ever!  I know that the animal pics here are not nearly as awesome as one would get watching animals in the wild, but it works for now.  African safari is on my bucket list but it's about 12 pages long so I'm thinking not everything will make it.

I missed the actual dance party but I heard that this group of pasty white kids can boogie down.

The before Expedition Everest pic where the kids were supposed to act terrified.  It didn't quite work out like I wanted.

Hutch's golden ticket that he was able to use to replace the ice cream he dropped.  I am so thankful for this Disney policy.  It works better than Kleenex any day to stop the tears.

Cousin Lindsay spent part of the day with us and we always have a blast with her. 

I took this pic with my phone and while I don't love it, I think the fact that Big Al is surrounded by shining beams of light is a premonition of a three-peat!  Who's with me?  Go Bama!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Epcot and a Birthday Party

On day 3 we slept in a little bit and then headed off to Epcot.  That place was a big fat zoo.  We got there and Soarin' fast passes were already well into the evening hours.  Yikes.  I'm not sure why it was so crowded but it was a beautiful day outside.  So we plowed through the people and soldiered on.  We did finally ride Maelstrom which was cool.

Smiling happy children and one who was so excited he crashed!

Hutch in his super cool sunglasses that became Epcot lost and found property that day.  I spent the rest of the trip saying things like "hmmmm, I just had them" and "did you see that elephant?" every time he mentioned them. 

Climbing on some awesome play structures they had around!

Princess Chloe

One of my favorites of Finn from the trip

J.B. loved the playground too!

Even though we haven't seen the movie, we thought this was the coolest poster ever!

Flower and Garden festival was going on while we there and I loved the Eeyore topiary very much.

Another pic with Alice!

Lil drummer boy

More flower beauty to share!

After we finished up at Epcot, we headed to Chef Mickey's to celebrate Webb's birthday and have a yummy dinner!

Little did the birthday boy know, we had a sweet surprise in store for him!

Group pic with Donald

Ta Da---yet another delicious creation from the bakery at the Contemporary.  We ordered a baseball themed cake and had it somewhat modeled after stuff you can see at Casey's Corner. 

Happy Birthday Webb!!!!!

One more pic with the Goofy crew!