Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swimming Pool Fun Plus More

We have spent a lot of time waiting for these days. The hot hot days where we can justify breaking out the pool and cooling off. Here is our inaugural dip into our purple pool.

1/3 of the kids looking at the camera. So close!

Getting closer!

So grown-up looking my sweet 5 year old girl!

Ya big cheeser you!

Drippy popsicle juice is yummy!

Taking a picture of one child is hard to do when you have a big sister who can be a camera ham.

Since Finn has started feeling like herself lately she has been smiling more and more. I love love love it.

Our first family swimming trip to Grandmama and Granddaddy's. Jeremy had taken the girl on one other occasion but I had not yet been. In this picture you see Finn jumping in and Chloe waiting her turn right?

What do you see here? Confused perhaps by the big pink circle? Well that is Chloe. Just as Jeremy caught Finn Chloe jumped in. He wasn't ready for that, obviously, and she sunk like a stone. Thankfully, though, her life vest was bringing her up as he was grabbing her.

She did not appreciate that experience. The good news is she did not let it deter her from jumping in again.

Sweet sisters!

So happy when she tries to tip her Daddy's float over!

Finn laughing at Jeremy falling in for the millionth time! It's always heelarryus!

Back home in our pool!


Love how proud he looks here. Do you think he knows he is way loved?

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