Friday, December 30, 2011

Dusting Off The Cobwebs

I know I know that it has been ages since I have done a proper post and I have good excuses. Holidays and surgery recovery and sickness top the list. Things have bordered on chaotic for a while now but seem to be slowing down just a bit.

While still on Fall Break, we went to Build A Bear Workshop and you would have thought we gave the girls a million dollars. They really enjoyed it and we ended up with 6 critters- 2 dogs 3 bears and a bunny.

Chloe named her bunny "Daisy" and her bear "Diamond". Daisy wasn't all that original given the bunny's fur but Diamond threw me for a loop. I told her since her bear was covered in hearts maybe she should name it after something she loves. She said "okay, I will name it Diamond then". The girl knows what she loves and it all costs lots of money.

Finley named her dog "Brownie" and her bear "Creamy". We worked together to come up with names for Hutch and J.B.'s animals and finally settled on "Curly" the bear and "Shags" the dog.

I have a hilarious comedy bit involving the boys' animals that goes a little like this:
Hi my name is Curly Bear.
Hi my name is Shags The Dog.
I don't like dogs.
I don't like bears.
Then I pretend to make the growl before they fight each other. When you are a 2 year old boy this stuff is amazingly funny.

Hutch was not interested in helping stuff his bear so he just sat down and made faces.

The ceremony where the girls promised to take good care of their new friends.

J.B. meets his new friend "Shags"!

Until tomorrow!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

McWane Was A BLAST!!!!!

It's only been 6 weeks since Fall Break, but I am finally ready to finish up our trip. Being cooped up in bed recovering has its advantages. We got up early on Friday and headed downtown to the McWane Center. Finley was super pumped to go because her teacher had told her about many of the things she would see.

Hutch loved the bubble room.

The play area for smaller kids was also a big hit.

Chloe working hard to lift Finley up.

This was one of the things Finn had heard a lot about. It is a bed of nails that isn't supposed to hurt, but as you can see she wasn't too fond of it.

She loved this exhibit though.

We used this one to finish drying their hair.

Hutch inspecting some fossils.

An emaciated turtle

Digging for fossils

This area was on of my favorites. We spent a lot of time here laughing and having fun.


Hutch I think

J.B. from the wrong side but a cute pic nonetheless.


Doing weather reports

Getting wet accidentally

The touch tank was really fun too until Hutch got busted for splashing. Oooops!

The coolest eel ever

Happy J.B.

Hutch pretending to be a lover of fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Mechanical Gardens

On Wednesday, we headed to the "Mechnical (Botanical) Gardens in Huntsville. It was a gray and rainy day but it worked out to our advantage. The place was pretty empty. They were having a scarecrow display that featured storybook characters and the kids loved them. One of their favorites that I did not get a picture of was "Mary Mary Not Quite Scary". She was a little creepy with the pretty maids in a row (small dolls impaled or maybe just glued to sticks).

Big Bad Wolf say helloe to Finn!

Charlotte's Web

A Mon Arch butterfly (yes I do know how to spell it but this is the way it sounds when Finn says it so from now on, it will be a Mon Arch).

Chloe and one of her favorites Rapunzel

A picture of a fish we took for the Daddy of our group

Loving the loft area in one of the treehouses they have on display.

My Three Monkeys

"I say I say son, what fun day that one was."

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Athens Again?????

Okay in a desperate attempt to catch the blog up to date before the Halloween festivities kick off, here goes. The time we spent in Athens was full of laughter, smiles, and lots of misadventures. Like the balloon in the ceiling fan and an unfortunate circle of life lesson for Finn (3 cats versus 1 chipmunk).

Hutch watched Webb and Wynn ride various cars and things down the hill so he just had to do it too. The little horse didn't go that fast but it was still too fast for me. Hutch loved it though.

On Monday, thanks to a holiday we were able to have a playdate at the park with a few of our cousins. I think the kids were plotting against the grown-ups here.

Hutch loved the slides as long as Emma went down with him.

Or chased him.

He also loved feeding the ducks which he had never done before. He kept saying "here ducky ducky" and then would throw large chunks of bread into the water.

How many times did we say "do not get into the water" but it must have been said at such a high frequency they could not hear us.

Strike a pose!

The days of cute group shots are long over.

Tuesday Chloe got another birthday celebration with Nana, pizza and cupcakes.

Yes he is on the floor again but really do you blame me? (see previous post if you need a refresher as to why I did this)