Sunday, January 12, 2014

Changes in Attitudes but no Changes in Latitudes

Okay so since the last post way back when things have changed. This post will be jumbled and might leave you going wha-wha-wha-what? It's things that need to be said though. First off, homeschooling rocks and if you want to see what we have been up to there, shoot me an email for that blog. Second, I have spent several hours contemplating a change in Christmas behaviors. I am the king of over buying and I heart Christmas so much, it kills me not to have tons of brightly colored packages under the tree. When you multiply tons of awesome gifts times four kids, there is a point you just have to say STOP! And this year I did. Each kid of mine still had 5-7 gifts to open and I did cheat and wrap like gifts together but the volume was way less. And the stress this year was less. Christmas Day was one of my very favorites because it wasn't hurry up and unwrap this because you have 35 more things to go. We enjoyed the day and I have completely given up on the jam packed tree. Oh and the big guy in red, he cut way way way back on his pile of goodies too and I thank him for it. So after this most awesome Christmas, I decided to start yet another new tradition with the kids. I planned to do a 365 day penny challenge (slightly modified) for them to use as a group on an angel tree next year. I was going to call it their giving jar and encourage, read force, them to contribute to it all year with birthday money and change they might get. I knew that even if we only met half the goal of the challenge, it would still be more than enough for them to give. Then, a wonderful young man in my town who was going to go to Haiti in February to be a missionary died in an accident. His mom is my neighbor and his wife was Finn's teacher at a local church's hang out program when they were in school. The kids have spent a lot of piggy bank money at their adoption yard sales and they were just really good people. And it stinks what happened but there is great hope because of his belief in God. My giving jar idea took on a new mission and the money inside will go to Haiti. Then we will start over and try to raise angel tree money. Then next year, we will fill the jar again and use it for another mission project. So far, we have contributed $131 from piggy banks, change around the house and a couple of donations to make it grow. If we mark off all the boxes we will have $667. We have a long way to go but plenty of time to get there.

Monday, September 2, 2013

And yet another hiatus has ended

So many things have gone on that it is almost impossible to retell the the story. We have started homeschooling and there is a blog dedicated to our studies.  We went to the beach for two days.  We lost Internet for over a week and it was a major headache.  Way major.  We got back up and running and got hit by another freaky stomach bug.  It's now September and I'm busy contemplating the next two birthdays ---fashion show and tar wars most likely.  I am also planning Christmas slowly because with 4 monkeys I can't wait until the last minute.  And because a post without pictures is like a night without stars here you go! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Since the last time I decided to show up....

The girls played ball.  Chloe had her last year of tee ball and Finn had her first year of machine pitch.  What a difference that machine makes....

Finn started the season cautious and timid and unable to make contact with the ball.  By the end, she was getting hits and even got a home run!!  I was so proud of how hard she worked to improve.  I also started the season as a quiet spectator and ended the year a crazed softball mom.  I might have yelled a few times too many but I never got sent to the car.

This little cutie pie turned 2 and following in the tradition of his sister, he visited the ER on his birthday. I'm really starting to dislike that family tradition.

This was his last picture before he turned 2!  If you look carefully at the next one, you can see what caused the problem.

He got bit by something or came into contact with a stinging plant or ??? and had his whole arm turn red and streaky and he ran fever.  After the hospital, a trip to his pediatrician, two shots and a long dose of antibiotics he was fine.  What got him and caused it, we will never know.

The Saturday of J.B.'s birthday weekend we went to the zoo.  It rained hard and was freezing cold.  We managed to have fun in the parakeet exhibit though.

The next series of pictures is when Finn was clued in to her early birthday surprise.  We were close enough to go pick it up and by her face you can tell she was so excited.

What was it she was going to get?  Why a puppy of course!!!
J.B. the birthday boy models the newest trend in party hats.

I love this picture!!!!

The puppy who will forever be known as Hershey.
An Easter re do since not everyone was home or well when we had Easter weekend.

Chloe had her kindergarten program and was so cute.
The biggest of them all, turned 8 and I cannot believe she keeps growing up.  It's happening way way too fast!

At her impromptu party at the gray house!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Best Day

Our last full day in Orlando we set out early again.  We wanted to do everything "just one more time" and add in some other things we had not done yet.  (these pictures are a little jumbled but I'm going to just write it up as they come)
Wynn loved on Stitch.
We painted faces!

I gave a pep talk before the 'pace emperor met his nemesis!

In the end the 'pace emperor wouldn't get in the picture.
We talked to the Mouse.

We saw some incredible edible eggs!

I got a decent picture of me with the fab four!

We ate dinner with some special people!

The special people entertained us with crazy antics and even allowed the space emperor to laser them!

The eggs explained!

More special people!

Chloe's most favorite hotel ever!

Boat ride fun!

Rapunzel and the crew blending into the wall like Pascal!

Being gloomy like Eeyore!
Hutch's Buzz Lightyear ride score

My score

Chloe's score

Big Thunder at night with Aunt Alice is AWESOME!!!

Riding with Mommy is sort of cool too!

The ride home was a scary one for some but we all made it back to
sweet home Alabama!