Thursday, July 1, 2010


Every time we go to Tuscaloosa, which isn't nearly often enough, we have to go visit Nanny, Jeremy's grandmother. The girls love seeing her for two reasons. One is they always get a present of some sort. The second reason you will see shortly. We started out in the backyard in the gardens. There is no other way to describe it but to say BEEYOUTIFULL! With some fans going and the umbrella shading us, it was quite nice. Still hot, but nice.

Hutch and Nanny

Even Hutch got a new toy to play with this trip. He still loves the musical butterfly very much.

Finn (with help) took this picture

Reason #2 the girls love visiting Nanny, kisses by the handful

Trying to get a good picture after lots of kisses: impossible!

We went back outside for the girls to run off some steam. Did I mention that the inside of the house while lovely is FULL of breakable items and every time we go in the phrase bulls in china shop echos loudly in my head? Chloe decided she needed to cool herself off.

Look close it's a bee!

After this we loaded up and took Nanny out to eat lunch. It was a celebration of her 32113rd day of life (87 years 358 days) to be exact. I hope that she had as good of a time as we did.

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