Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh Neigh Neigh Km@rt

For all those who wait with baited breath and devour each of my random F@ceb00k postings about nothings-going-on during my day, you know I haven't liked Km@rt for days now. It all started last weekend when Finn informed she had to be a horse for Halloween. Okay, that was a problem but a quick search later and I found a perfect costume--read as cheap enough for me. So I ordered it and even added extra fast shipping to it so I knew it would be in my hands well before Saturday night's inaugural Fall Fest-apalooza began. All day Tuesday I waited and no shipping notice. The costume was supposed to arrive no later than 10/21 so I tried not to panic. So all day Wednesday I waited too and the panic set in big time. Late Wednesday evening I was assured by Km@rt's customer service that my costume would indeed arrive on Thursday. Okay, so I go back to faking patience and hope for the best even though I still had no shipping notice. Thursday arrives and I wait again. Nothing all day and I start getting really angry and frustrated and hot under the collar. I called Kmart customer service again and was told this time that "no shipping notice means it has not shipped". Duh, but I felt even more mad that I believed customer service rep #1. I also found out that ordering from Km@rt dot com means your package will ship from whichever store closest to you has it. Early Friday morning I call the store in West Virginia that was responsible for making me crazy and their excuse for not shipping it was classic. They said "one of their employees had a sick family member and they were behind". How small is this store if one person being out wreaks so much havoc? I had no choice but to cancel the order and feel incredibly guilty that my promise to Finn was being broken and I couldn't fix it. I made one more call to Km@rt customer service and they found a store that had the costume in stock. It was surprising close to me and I could taste victory except for one small thing. I was scheduled to go on a field trip with Finn and had no time (or so I thought) to get it picked up. The costume was in Dothan and the pumpkin patch is only minutes away from there, but time was going to be tight tight tight as we had to get back to school before a pep rally (or pet rally if you ask Finn). So, the other mother I was riding with took pity on me and asked demanded her college age son who was coming home for the weekend from Auburn detour through Dothan and pick it up. I am pretty sure he was less than thrilled to do it, but he agreed. So I relaxed a little and felt so happy that Finn's dream would come true. After we arrived at the pumpkin patch and met up with Finn, the OM (other mother) Bonni asked the teacher if she would mind if we attempted to pick it up ourselves. She said okay and we made plans to scoot out a few minutes ahead of the bus and race on into Dothan. It worked and just a short time later I had that horse costume in my hand. Finn's words when she saw it, "Oh, Mommy I love it so much." That alone was worth all almost all of the stress that silly brown animal suit cost me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little Old Lady and Hutch

Finn pretending to be a little old lady complete with walking stick. She would moan as she walked and then say, "Ooooo, I need to go to Walmart."

Two random proofs of Hutch cuteness

Pat a cake captured on camera

What's been happening.....

Things for the most part have been going well and Hutch has been really keeping me busy. He can now wave bye bye (finally), play pat-a-cake, stand up and is beginning to cruise around the furniture. Could walking be far behind?

Finley got her first report card and I was quite pleased with the report. All S's for my sweet smart girl. I recently had the opportunity to visit the pumpkin patch with all the kindergarten classes and boy did we have fun. Pictures of this will come later.

Chloe had her 4 year old checkup and was 39 inches tall leaving her just shy of the height limits of some of the Disney rides. Since I can't ride much either I guess we will be bench buddies. The Disney trip is inching ever closer and I am really starting to get excited.

I have my next appointment to check on Butterbean next week and should be able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. That is always a reassuring sound and I can't wait to hear it.

Hutch is also becoming very destructive and terrible about tasting things he shouldn't. In one day he ate candle wax, an apple core, a raw potato, paper and a bunch of itty bitty toys. He is so quick and waits until my attention is diverted even slightly and shoves something in his mouth. I have perfected the finger sweep technique so he never swallows anything. That's good parenting right?

Scarecrow Walk

I have been really lax in posting but we have lots of cool stuff coming up so I better get to it. We also had Fall Break and I don't think I even picked up the camera because all three had yucky noses and well nobody wants to see that. One Friday afternoon after we picked Finn up at school we did the Scarecrows in the Park at the local state park. It is always fun even though it can get hot.

Strong girls

We caught a glimpse of the tooth fairy who was flying around.

Finley sang with the choir for a while and made beautiful music.

Wow, a grasshopper!

Family Pic minus the photographer

Getting a look at a daddy long legs from a nice safe distance

Thursday, October 7, 2010

P Stuff

This week we have been flooded with P and more P. From pink princess parties to poodle skirts we have been plum busy. Not to mention the phabulous weather which has led to lots of time outside. In phact, I am outside right now writing this post. Ain't technology grand? But back to P. Monday night I took this picture, the last picture of Chloe as 3 year old. Right after I took it, she asked me if "it meant she had to go away". Ummm, no, you are so stuck with us kid.

The next morning, not only did we have her party to celebrate, Finn had a phantastic day at school to look forward to-- 50's day.

Chloe on her big day in her special outfit!

Pink Pink Pink Cupcakes

After MDO and Finn's dance class, we squeezed in presents before dinner and the tball game. We did a scavenger hunt again and this time the birthday fairy was pretty tricky in where she left the presents.

Yesterday afternoon we had nothing to do between school and church (hooray) so we took the Playdoh outside. Chloe got a picnic themed set and some new cans of that wonderful kid occupier and they had a blast.

This is a smiley phace sandwich made just for me!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Easterween and More

During game days, we have to come up with activities to keep the girls entertained while we eat and watch football. Last weekend it was cookie decorating and necklace making. We had spring/Easter cookie cutters and Halloween sprinkles so we invented a new holiday, Easterween. I am not sure it will hit the mainstream but the cookies sure tasted good.

Hutch's mad face--he's upset he got stuck with a blasted cracker and not a delicious cookie.

The necklaces in progress

Hutch turned 10 months old and is getting cuter by the day.

As far as developmental milestones, he is holding steady at the same level as 9 months but since there is no rush to get ahead, we are all happy. He is also a huge Bama fan as you can tell. In this picture, he is saying "Go Bama, beat them Gators!"

The weather has started to cool off by a few degrees so we head outside in the afternoons for some playing and fun. Hutch wasn't too thrilled to be caged though.

Bubbles are always fun.

Chloe looking pretty

I love the way Hutch is looking up to his big sister.

Now the other one gets the same adoration.

A little bit of tightrope aka brick walking

Later after baths, Chloe put these goggles on and wore them a while claiming they help her see better. What a cutie pie!