Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance Recital

We survived recital week and all the crankiness that came with it. For three nights the girls had practice that did not start until 7pm. Our two kids are normally in bed between 7:30 and 8:00 so there sleep was all messed up. Then the two performances didn't start until 8 on Friday and Saturday night. Add all that in with the fact that Finn was still trying to get well and it was a LONG week. I learned a lot about the girls this week though.
1) They both really really want a Leap-ster.
2) When they are not given a Leap-ster they will use other toys to pretend they are playing a Leap-ster.
3) Chloe cannot skip but she tries so hard and isn't that really all that matters? Trying and trying again until you can get it?
4) Chloe loves the stage and garnered her own rounds of applause each night. Saturday night it was for showing her panty cover to the entire audience.
5) Finn is good at dancing and it shows.

Now for the pictures:

Outfit #1

Mesmerized by the pretty lights

These two pictures are actually cropped out of one photo showing all the dancers in Chloe's class. Notice how none of their feet seem to be doing the same thing?

Outfit #2

Chloe tries so hard and does it all with a smile.

If you look closely, she has her tongue stuck out in complete concentration!

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