Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gimme an H, Gimme a U, Gimme a TCH

What do you got?


Say it again!


This post is all about the little man in my house. His likes and interests and his favorite ways to relax at the end of the day. At his 6 mth check up he was a beefy 16 lbs 2 oz and was 28 in long. His noggin was an impressive 17 1/2 around which is due to the extraordinarily large amount of gray matter he possesses. He is a smart one I tell you. Hutch is in size 3 diapers although he could stand to still be in size 2's. But, a local drug store had size 3's half off so we bought those. So far so good and no leaks. He wears mostly 6-12 mths clothes because 3-6 was getting snug in the length. I prefer a slightly baggy look because having a diaper wedgie all day from a too tight onesie cannot be comfortable. He is eating well and when I remember he has three meals of baby food a day. He likes green vegetables but not avocado, and even likes pinto beans. His favorite food though is:

He has not mastered the picking up of the food (puffs) and putting it into his mouth but loves when we do it for him. I don't think he will wait too much longer before he figures it out and then whoa nelly, here comes the eating us out of house and home. He loves his big sisters, especially when they attempt to entertain him. He is also taking a keen interest in a furry member of the family.

He has not mastered the crawl although he can propel himself around the room by rolling and launching himself forward in a complicated move that defies the laws of physics. He is also not sitting up yet but remember excessive gray matter is quite weighty.

At the end of a long hot day he enjoys a dip into the pool and a relaxing ride in a float to calm his nerves. Doesn't he just look peaceful?

He actually stayed in the water so long yesterday he ended up with these:

The last few things about Hutch at 6 mths that I want to remember are the raspberries he can blow, the smiles he gives and the way he tucks his head into my shoulder when somebody talks to him. It really is too too cute. And before I forget, I will warn you all that in the future I will be delving into a rather scary subject. Hutch, I am afraid has two personalities fighting for control in his body. The first on is a clean, well mannered young man who is always neatly dressed. His name is Hutch Scott.

The other one can be summed up by his name. Meet Oppi Wan, jedi in training.

Doesn't he look fearsome and strong?

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