Friday, June 4, 2010

The Princess and her Toad

Chloe is our girly, skirt wearing all the time, make-up loving princess. She doesn't like to get dirty or sweaty. She has never had the adoration for all things animal like Finn has and so when Jeremy found a toad in the yard I thought for sure she would have nothing to do with the stinky little critter. She totally proved me wrong. Finn would not even touch it with one finger. Chloe might have squeezed it repeatedly and I am sure that poor toad wished it had never been seen. She didn't want to let it go and had to be forced to do so. She held it, talked to it, and even tried to kiss it. The kissing of the toad might have been my idea because well I got to have cute pics to blog about. Enjoy!

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