Sunday, January 15, 2012

Outside Playtime

While we were having awesome Fall weather, we took full advantage of it! On this particular day, J.B. got his first ride in the red swing and Chloe flew through the air at warp speeds. Hutch spent his time investigating a family of ants.

He was having such a great time !

Staring down the ants with his angry eyes.

One of my favorite pictures of Hutch ever. Love this boy so much!

Chloe taking flight! Look at her go!

Friday, January 13, 2012

J.B.'s 1/2 Birthday

On November 2, J.B. turned 6 months old so we celebrated with a 1/2 birthday party. He really enjoyed his first cupcake ever. The rest of the kids were happy to celebrate with him as well. They never turn down a cupcake, ever.

A little unsure of what he was supposed to be doing but he soon figured it out!

Hey J.B., you got a little something right over there.

Having a little bit more fun and making a little bit bigger mess!

Oh yeah, this is good stuff for sure.

I think he liked it!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lizard Lovin'

These types of animal encounters only happen when their Daddy is here because I am not catching a lizard but the kids love it. I think Hutch might have loved the lizard a little too tightly but it survived. Isn't it cute?


This is a very sweet man who goes to our church named Mr. Tubby. He loves the kids but has a special fondness for Hutch and J.B. because they share good taste in hats.

One of my Dorothy who was so excited to finally win the cake walk. Too bad she didn't choose a real cake.

Chloe and Weston playing at the church carnival. He wanted to swing the Tin Man's axe real bad so when we told him he had to wear the hat to get the chance, he gladly obliged.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

This year we did a Disney theme for our pumpkins but don't get too excited about the finished products. I'm not sure I have pics of them. If I find some I will add them in later. The kids were enthralled with the guts and brains of the big gourds.

Silly Chloe was part happy and part grossed out by the stringy stuff she was pulling out.

Getting a good picture of all 4 is almost impossible so I was quite proud of this picture. April got a even better one with her phone that we had made into a blanket for Granna's Christmas gift.

During the carving fun, Finn sang an original song over and over while banging on the pumpkin drum. It went like this " one little two little three little lemurs etc." It still cracks us up and sometimes when we need to make them laugh, we will do a rendition of our own stylized version.

Random pic from earlier in the day--showing off their paintings from Oppfest.


On Team Spirit day at school, Finn wanted to show her divided allegiance to two teams. So she went to school supporting Alabama and Opp's Bobcats. Doesn't she look adorable in a mismatched way?

Cute Chloe

Hutch had to have his picture made too. He loves his "spook bone" pajamas.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the zoo. It was a perfect fall day and the kids were excited. Lillian, Webb, Wynn and Clarissa met us there shortly before lunch.

Finn Giraffe

Hutch is quite fond of sticking his face into animal cut outs.

Chloe Giraffe

My little monkeys on a great big chair.

We had a front row seat to the sea lion show. He was really funny and was an Alabama fan.

See what I mean? He loves these things.

Finn's favorite animal

Most of the crew

Two- headed monkey (or maybe just two one- headed monkeys)

Chloe feeding the birds. We had a short wait for this popular attraction and got a lecture from a grumpy zoo worker because our kids were anxious to get in. Sorry Margaret the zoo lady, you can't dampen our enthusiasm.

See? We are dripping with happiness and excitement.

Carousel rides are always fun!

At this point the kids were getting cranky. And a little hot. So we called it a day. Don't bother asking if we got to ride the stage coach we were offered earlier in the day. We didn't and Finn was very unhappy about it.

Hutch being silly in the hotel. Our favorite part of the hotel was the cheesecake we kept in the fridge. Yummmmmmmy!