Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pomp and Circumstance

Around the middle of May Chloe graduated from preschool and was devastated to leave Mrs. Buckelew and Mrs. Matthews behind.  The graduation ceremony was adorable and I didn't cry once.  I might have got teary but it's all the fault of this little song--- Look at Me.

When you look at me
I hope that you will see
The helpful things I can do
Sometimes are hard to see

So, when you look at me
I hope that you will see
Not just the things I do wrong
But see the best in me

I am – I am
I try – I try
I smile – I smile
I cry – I cry
I do the best I can everyday

I dream – I dream
I hug – I hug
I play – I play
I love – I love
I like to be with friends
Just like you

So when you look at me
I hope that you will see
The helpful things that I can do
Sometimes are hard to see

This picture right here is one of my top ten favorites of Chloe ever taken.  She's simply sweet and beautiful and I am so proud of her.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh the Drama

In our house we have been long overdue for one of those rites of passage every kid must face. Head on like a deer in headlights. With much yelling and screaming and some tears. We had the audacity to encourage Chloe to remove the training wheels of her bike once she saw a neighbor who is younger than her riding without hers. Anyway, so we took tool to wheel and had them off in no time. Then the fun misery began. 
We had to remove Finn's too and although she is much more cautious when it comes to new things she did try hard, when she wasn't yelling "put them back on!"

Chloe had a much better first day as her bike is smaller and she has NO FEAR!  AT ALL!  ABOUT ANYTHING! (except kindergarten, but that's another post for another day)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little bunny found a home

One day in May a cute little bunny named Martha came to stay

she hopped right on in our little fam and has eaten everything possible except ham

 she likes to be petted on her head and even took a nap on the girls' bed

 her favorite food is peppers of bell and we do believe she is super swell
we hope you find our family crazy and funny, welcome home Martha bunny!

Field Day 2012

May was a very busy month for us as a family.  It seems like they try to cram 50 end of the year activities into about five days of school.  The first Friday was Field Day.  Last year, we had it at the school but once you hit first grade, you go to the stadium.  Finn ran as hard and as fast as she could possibly go, and got two beautiful green ribbons.  She did the 90(?) yard dash and a relay.  I was very very proud of her.