Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hutch turns 2!

Right before Thanksgiving I had a minor operation so Hutch's birthday was low-key since I was still recovering. He had a great time though. He had a motorcycle balloon, Mickey Mouse plates, and dump "pucks" on his cake.

Here he is being shy about being sung to!

Eating his cake and loving it!

Present time!

The night before he really turned two!

His last picture as a 1 year old!

The terrible twos can start right now. And boy did they!

I call this one boy in box! Or boy in box be happy!

The Coldest Day Ever!!!!

On a Friday in November I had the pleasure of tagging along on a field trip with Chloe's preschool class. Remember my post about all the nice weather we were having? Well it was gone by this and really really cold. And windy. And COLD! It was not the best day to go on a walking tour of scarecrows in the park but we did. For three very cold hours we were outside. Here is Chloe trying to stay warm.

All of the kids had fun in these cut out scarecrows. Doesn't she look adorable and chilly?

This sign was made by none other than TeeTee herself.

Random pictures of our pumpkins all carved up.

Daisy Duck


One more random add-on: Finn's school had a storybook character pageant during the book fair. Finn was the dog from If you give a dog a donut and was so happy that she got to eat the donut when she was done.