Monday, May 3, 2010

Wrapping Up April and Kicking Off May

April turned out to be such a busy month for us. Between the tball and dance, school and horses I felt like I never stopped running. Too bad May doesn't look much better. So here is the last few days of April in pictures.

The squirrels were even more cunning and have stolen three bells from our bird feeder. They swing on them until they break of and then they run away with the treasure.

Hutch tried cereal. He is still hit or miss with how well he eats but I am hopeful with a little patience he will enjoy it all. Tonight he annihilated green beans.

Over the past week, we have found three seedlings that were accidentally planted by two little girls who love to play with pecans from our tree. So we replanted them around the yard and hope to reap the benefits of their shade in 30 years or so.

Riley's new sleeping spot!

Hutch eating carrots--Yum Yum!

Hutch turned 5 months old. He can now roll both ways and is not interested in sitting up. He can coo, drool, and smile with the best of them. Tonight he laughed at the end of the movie We Are Marshall. Either he thinks football is funny or Matthew Mcconaughey is funny. Either way, it was cracking me up. He is getting heavier by the day and routinely makes my arm ache from holding him.

Why is Chloe laughing so hard? Well TeeTee brought her and Finn a bag of goodies from her work and empty syringes make bathtub play all the more fun.

I had to run for cover a few times to protect the camera and when I was drying Finn's hair, she told me the following story. She said, "Mommy, when we were shooting our shotters up in the air, I hit one of the light bulbs and smoke came out and now it's not working." She started crying and asked in a very pitiful voice, "Are you mad at me?" I started laughing and told her "No it isn't like you meant to hit the bulb." Still crying, she replied, "Stop laughing it isn't funny."

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