Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Last Seven Days

Tuesdays are my favorite days. The girls go to school and if I play my cards right work non-stop I can get caught up or ahead for the week. Sometimes I clean so hard I don't even shower until I am done. Last week I was 2 hours into a cleaning fest when the phone rang. Finn was sick and needed to get to a doctor. What? She acted fine that morning, no complaints and ate all of her breakfast. I quickly showered, called the doctor and packed Hutch a bag. When I dropped him off and picked Finn up I knew we were in trouble. My less than accurate thermometer read 104.5 and I prayed all the way to the doctor that those numbers were not right. The highest fever she had ever had was 103.4 when she had an ear infection as a baby. Even RSV did not go higher than that. Turns out, their highly accurate one read 104. Yikes! Several tests finally revealed the source of the issue and we started treatment with a shot. Yeah, she was less than thrilled about that since they had just done a finger stick. It took three days, six doses of antibiotics (2 in shot form) and lots of rest and fluids before the fever went away. She is still weak and whiny but is definitely better.

We did a lot of tv watching on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday which made Chloe insanely happy. Most of the time the tube stays off. Thursday was Finn's end of tball picnic and we debated all day whether or not she should be allowed to go. Finally I decided to take her because I did not want her to miss it. It was in a fairly shaded area of the park in the evening so I think she did okay. She did have fun and got her super expensive trophy that we paid for.

Yum Cake!

Notice the expressions on Finn (fear) and Chloe (excitement)---which one is the daredevil?

Trophy time

Friday morning was fairly low-key allowing Finn a chance to recover. That afternoon I headed off with Hutch to Dothan. I have been sending pictures through a certain photo website that allows printing at a red bullseye type store and needed to go pick them up. Well, I actually just wanted to get out of the house and bribed my go to childwatchers with pizza. I lost my wallet at store #1 but thankfully I had just left it on the photo counter and it was waiting for me when I retraced my steps. I found decorations at Mikels for Finn's horse party which we are having on Saturday. I know her actual birthday is almost 2 weeks away but Jeremy usually travels around the end of May so I tried to make sure he wouldn't miss anything. I found her plates and other stuff at the party store and headed home. I wish she would have been well enough to go with me but at least she liked what I picked out. Saturday was spent at point 8 as Chloe calls it. The girls were able to paint with Grandmama and eat lots of snacks like strawberries and jello. Sunday we went to church and I got part of my Mother's Day gift. I stayed home from Sunday School and had almost an hour to drink my coffee and just enjoy the quiet. We ate lunch at the gray house (yummy steaks) and did some dancin' and ring pop eatin'!

After lunch we headed home to beat the heat with a little bit of sprinkler time. Finn did not want to run through it at first but she soon got over it.

helping finn and chloe get soaked




my cherry tomato plant bears fruit

*****bonus points to anyone who can identify the movie quote hidden poorly in this post.

******Just in case anyone cares (Jeremy) I do know that some store names are not spelled correctly but that is an attempt to avoid pesky search engines sending random folks to my blog----on my old one I got a lot of traffic for a post I titled Gymb@ree's Next Model********

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