Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a Week!

Last year, we had one of these little creatures show up on our bathroom window every night when we would be getting ready for bed. After a few weeks, we gave him a name and really started looking for him. Then it turned colder and he didn't come around anymore. We missed him and feared he would never be back. On Monday, he showed back up with two of his buddies. What a party they had on our window.

I bought a package of really cute cupcake wrappers and decorated toothpick things to use for the cupcakes I was taking to her last day of MDO birthdaypalooza. (And yes I do enjoy making up words as needed!) It was a nightmare from start to finish. Ok, maybe I should not have started them at 9pm but I did what I had to do. I will not be telling you about the icing that squirted across the counter when my ziploc bag failed to hold my cake tip that was supposed to make grass for the giraffe to stand in. So anyway, they didn't want to stay together and I made a huge mess but Finn loved them and that is all that matters.

Tuesday Finn wasn't acting like she felt good but had no obvious malady so we went on about our day. She whined some and laid around like a slug for a day or so. She ran just a little bit of fever and had an outbreak of hives. They were more severe than the ones she had last October but I am not 100% sure it is related to the fever. She is fine now, well still whiny, but I think that is going to be a recurring theme around here for a while. She did manage to get out and have a tea party this week though and I thought it was really cute. Her blackberry tea with three sugars really tasted great too.

Sweet sweet baby boy

I loved how different the next two pictures look because of where the focus is. First picture it's on Chloe and the second one is Reesee. And yes, she still refuses most bows and clips, prefers skirts over any other attire, and will play outside all day in up and down shoes if I let her.

Today we attempted a photo shoot with the three kids and it was brutal. It was hot, they were grumpy, and no amount of bribing or begging would get even remotely decent smiles out of them. Chloe also was traumatized by a run-in with a parasol and a gentle nudge from Finn that caused her to fall off the train tracks. I would write more about it but I am trying to erase the memory of it and my spilled dinner out of my mind.

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