Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cake and Presents Just Were Not Enough

Starting out yesterday morning, if you had told me where we would end up I never would have believed it. I would have called you crazy and maybe a few other not nice words and if I hadn't lived it, well, I still don't believe it really happened. Chloe had been saying things and acting a wee bit jealous of the birthday attention Finn was receiving so we celebrated two things yesterday. Finn turned 5 of course and Chloe had an Unbirthday to celebrate. For breakfast, they had pink pancakes with candles.

Two excited girls wait for their pancakes!

Finn's swirly whirly rainbow cake in progress

After we finished baking and decorating the cake, we headed to lunch. TeeTee aka the Birthday Fairy told Finn she had to go to the bathroom and would meet us at the restaurant. What she really did was set up the scavenger hunt. (More on that later)

Enjoying lunch

Does this kid look sick to you?

She absolutely loved the singing of Happy Birthday and the dessert on her face. I think she could wear a sombrero any day and look fabulous.

We told her that we would eat cake and have presents when we got back home. She walked in and there were no presents on the table, just an envelope. I told her the birthday fairy must have left her a message so she immediately tore it open to see what she had written.

Row #1- Reading Clue #1 led to the oven
Row #2- Clue #2 led to the clothesline
Row #3- Running back to the house to read clue #3
Bottom pictures- opening Ivy, her new doll.

She kissed the box, squealed and I really thought she was going to cry tears of joy. Her reaction surprised me since she is not a big doll girl. I mean, she had asked for Ivy, but she doesn't spend a lot of time playing with dolls.

Making a wish

The inside of the swirly whirly cake!

We lounged around the rest of the afternoon while Finn enjoyed her new toys. I cooked her special birthday dinner of spaghetti and neatballs. She didn't really eat more than a few bites and started to look like she did not feel well. She complained several times of her side hurting and then I checked her temperature. It was back at 102.6 and in my head I thought for sure she was suffering appendicitis. I dosed her up with motrin and two hours later, her fever had not gone down. In fact, it was climbing ever higher. A little before 9:30, when we checked her temp again and it registered 103, Jeremy grabbed his keys. He was out the door with her before I had time to get my shoes on. Granna came to stay with Hutch and Chloe and Granddaddy took me up to the hospital. Chloe was crying for Finn when I left and showed just how much she loved Finn while we were gone. She refused to go back to sleep and told Granna "I will tell Granddaddy when he calls what they are doing to Finn." We made it to the hospital right after TeeTee and before Finn had been put into a room.

When we got into a room, the nurse took her temperature with one of those thermometers that you run across the forehead. It said 106 degrees and I almost lost it. I was sitting on the bed holding Finn and the nurse just kept saying "that can't be right". He tried again and again with several different thermometers and they all read between 102-106. She had another dose of medicine and a cold water bath. I continued to hold her as TeeTee washed her arms, legs and trunk over and over. She had a strep test, rsv test, chest xray, urine test and bloodwork. Even in her state, it took six adults to hold her still while they drew her blood. I was shocked that it came back as strep but also completely relieved. Strep doesn't require surgery and in a few days she should be okay again. At least I hope she is because I do not want her to be sick anymore. She has had a rough couple of months.


  1. High temps are always scary. Glad it is something managable and hope she is feeling better soon!

  2. Hope Finn is feeling better now and Happy late Birthday to her.