Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finn's Horse Party

Saturday morning we all headed out to the stables for the mane event. Finn was very specific this year about what kind of party she wanted so I could not say neigh to her requests.

the decorations were so festive

I know most of you who know me are saying "Whoaaaaa!" right now but yes I did give Mister Clingy Cranky pants a cheesy imitation puffed chip to gnaw on so I could get a few minutes of peace.

sugar cube stacking was very popular and messy

We also played horse round-up with small plastic horses hidden outside and a rousing rendition of horse, horse, pony aka duck, duck, goose. Pictures of the most favorite game we played coming right up.

the ever so beautiful purple mountain majesty cake from the local grocery store

Finn loved loved loved the singing of happy birthday to her!

making a wish

Bobbing for apples was a huge hit and all the kids were begging to dunk their whole heads. Only one actually did it.

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  1. Emma is jealous! She LOVES all things pony as well. I didn't even show her the pictures of Finns previous riding lessons b/c I didn't want to hear the "I want to do that(s)". Happy Birthday Finn!