Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Future

Both of the girls have discovered the joy of blowing as hard as they can at little dandelion puffballs and spreading the magic seeds all around the yard. They call them "wishing flowers" and it is quite funny to hear what they wish for right before they pucker up. Actually you only hear Chloe's dramatic wish speech, Finn knows that you must not tell so it will come true. To be completely honest, I am glad Chloe ruins it because I am not sure that "wanting to marry a princee boy and have a hundred girl babies" really needs to happen.

I wish I wish with all my hopes and dreams.....

Then after they finished making their wishes, they played another fun game with the weeds flowers in the yard. It went something like this--he loves me, he loves me, he loves me, he loves me not. They did this repeatedly on flowers with only 4 petals and never once found true love.


  1. Love it!!!

    Love Chloes hair ... she reminds me so much of little Ella Grace!!

  2. Well Sam since you noticed we are still fighting the no bow battle. If we are just at home I don't care. And the side that is more full is the side she twirls so if she works up a good knot while she sleeps it looks rough the next day.