Saturday, May 19, 2012

Round Up Catch Up

This is another post that will include little writing and tons of pictures.  This was one of the many egg hunts we attended.  Hutch looking a little sad that it wasn't time to find the eggs yet.

Girls ready and raring to go!

Off we go to find the golden egg!

Loving on Daddy!

Found One!

Searching hard!

Oh yeah, she got one!

A group of very very sweet kids that I hope we know for many years to come!

The week that followed was special because Aunt Kaye came to visit for the first time. 

Hutch's face got more and more dirty as we played in the yard that night at the gray house.  But I am beginning to believe that boys always have dirty faces.

The fab four and Kaye!

TeeTee and her special Finn

This is one of the many reasons I love her so much!  She makes life so so fun!

Tag you are it!

Hutch was looking out for J.B. and making sure he wasn't hungry.

Wild Hair time!

What a face!  Completely dirty and achingly adorable.


Jumping off the side of the steps is a LOT of fun, unless you are too scared to actually jump.

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