Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Easter Sunday

Daddy and his kidlets-- can anybody guess what's on Hutch's finger that concerns him so?

The whole family-- in case you are wondering this was the best shot out of 30+ taken of all of us together on this day

Me and my sweet babies

My Finnie in her favorite color purple

Baby blue for super sweet Chloe

Hutch's outfit caused me lots of grief as I attempted to track all the pieces down after they sold out online.  Thank you janieandjack for making adorable baby boy Easter outfits this year and having associates in your store that don't mind helping a desperate mother out.

J.B. had a matching hat too but at this point in the day he wanted none of it.

Hutch, head to toe....I triple love his outfit and cannot wait for J.B. to grow a LOT and fit into it.

A little more egg hunt fun!

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