Saturday, May 5, 2012

February and March

At the beginning of February, the weather warmed up and J.B. got older.  Nine whole months old, still not crawling, but loved oh so much.

More wiggly teeth in Finn's mouth-- this one didn't last long before the tooth fairy was able to claim it.

Sweet picture of my girl and her loyal sidekick Reese McPeese!

J.B. flying high in the sky!

Tiny baby toes are just too cute to pass up!

Chloe loves to swing!

Hutch loves to dig in the dirt!

On the day of love, I went to the school to do crafts with the kids' classes again.  In Chloe's class, we made butterflies.

In Finley's class we made heart wreaths and then played two games involving the conversation hearts.  It was a huge hit with the kids.

J.B. keeps getting even older.  I know I can't stop it from happening so I just snuggle him more knowing this phase won't last much longer.  By phase, I mean the one where he thinks I am the most awesome person around.  Pretty soon, I know his Daddy will take over the top spot because he is so much cooler than me.

At the end of March we had the super fun tball jamboree and had to play two games that day.  That was hard to get through because it was so hot.  The girls keep getting better every year and Finn can seriously whack the ball now.

Chloe really hates it when the sun gets in her eyes.

One of my favorite pictures from that day.

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