Wednesday, May 2, 2012

January Highlights

In this post I am going to cover January.  Not a lot happens in this month and I don't take many pictures, so don't blink or you will miss it.

Just a beautiful picture of my Chloe girl.  I love her so very much!

Hutch on his favorite thing to do outside-- ride his green "practor".  I think he has logged more than 200 miles since he started driving.

Love the tongue out concentration look here!

New Year's Eve complete with party blowers and poppers!

Upward began and Finn chose basketball this year.  In one of her games, she actually made a basket and there might have been a few people who made fools of themselves when she did.  It was always hilarious watching her play and laugh her way through the games.

Chloe chose cheerleading again and was adorable as always.  She even snuck onto the older squad a few times when her favorite coach DDL let her.  She thought she was big stuff then!

Just a few cute pics of my sweet JayBeezuh.

Love his happy happy smile!!

Getting older by the minute and changing every second.

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