Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The One Where I Finish Christmas Related Posts

Christmas Eve Afternoon Cookie Decorating

The girls were serious about making them look just right and Hutch was serious about eating them.

After a trip to church, we headed to the gray house for dinner and presents.  Chloe was less than thrilled at the prospect of photo shoots.

Finn knew enduring and smiling would get her to the presents faster!

Her $0.80 light up shirt--super cute isnt it?

Two girls planking!

J.B.'s first Christmas and he was having a blast!!

Sprinkling reindeer food all around the yard!
Silly pajama faces!

Finn's stash from the guy in red!

Chloe's impressive haul!

Hutch's hefty pile!

J.B.'s small but adequate present stash

Stockings were hung

J.B. trying his new toy out!

Hey, buddy this is almost my only present.  Get back!

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