Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Disney Trip Post 1 of 1523

So I might not have 1523 separate posts but I do have a lot of stuff to write down. And, a little over 1600 pictures to sort through. Don't worry, I will not make you look at them all. Sunday morning the van hit the road at 4:20. The plan was to get down to Orlando in time to hit a park late in the afternoon for a little bit of fun. We stopped for breakfast and managed to arrive at the hotel by 2:30 after we had a couple more bathroom stops. When we got to the hotel, there was some confusion as to when to tip the bellhop--do you tip the guy who loads the stuff on the cart, the one who brings it to the room, or both if they are not the same person? So, our stuff was left sitting in front of the bell desk for a little while and this made everyone antsy since my camera and laptop were on the cart. Jeremy went down and retrieved our stuff which angered the Disney staff because they thought a cart had gone missing. Jeremy straightened it all out but since we were all hungry and grumpy, he was not the nicest hotel guest. He said that for a minute he thought he would be thrown into Disney jail and we spent many minutes over the next few days coming up with different scenarios on how Disney jail would run. Some of them were quite hilarious.

We went to Hollywood Studios for dinner and ate at Pizza Planet. We wanted a chance to ride the super cool Toy Story Mania ride but it didn't happen because of the wait time. We did see the Osborne Lights though and they were really cool.

pure excitement over the fake snow that got dumped on us

After that we headed back to the hotel for some sleep, finally, but before we could get in bed we had the escalator incident. My mom, Chloe and Hutch took a tumble a few feet down (or up in Chloe's case) but no one was really injured. It could have been 100 times worse but there is nothing like calling paramedics your first night of vacation.

the last picture of Hutch before he turned one

***Stay tuned for the rest of the trip-- It's a doozie!!!!*****

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