Friday, December 10, 2010

Magic Kingdom Day 1

Day 1 started early but not as early as we planned. The excitement of the night before had wiped us all out but we did arrive in time to see rope drop. We all wore our Happy Birthday Hutch shirts which garnered a lot of attention in the park.

Nothing better than the castle to start your week off right

Our first ride of the day--Chloe is not pictured because she HAD to have a pink one and when it started, she wouldn't come down out of the sky.

One of the girls' favorites

The ugly stepsisters and Lady Tremaine were simply awesome. FYI, Lady Tremaine doesn't hug or touch children but Chloe did both to her and she acted like Chloe had the plague. There was also a hilarious exchange between Finn and the stepsisters about cats and fireplaces, but you really had to be there.
Hutch was not thrilled with his button and kept trying to pull it off. Once we got home, he found it in the suitcase and tried to stick it back on. Funny little guy.

Gotta love the ears!

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