Friday, December 31, 2010

Squeezing Christmas in Before the New Year

After the big trip and the recovery from said trip, I was tired before we ever hit the holiday extravaganza. We did a Supper with Santa (no pictures unless I scan in our print), a couple of Christmas parties at various MDO programs, a play at church, Christmas caroling, and then we got sick. The week leading up to the big day held snotty noses for most of us, a recurrence of pink eye (or something that looks an awful lot like it), and a stomach bug. Thankfully, we were mostly recovered by Christmas Eve night.

opening an early gift

you're a mean one Mr. Grin-ch

our pj tradition

hot cocoa and candy canes

chloe's santa haul---which she did not want

Funny story--Chloe had mentioned a vanity table/ princess dress up table several times so I thought this would be a good thing for her to ask the guy in red to bring her. Well, between writing it in a letter and the actual day, she decided she would rather have the vet set that was in 60 billion commercials. So we had TeeTee get her a last minute big present and until she opened it Christmas morning she was very unhappy with her loot. Now ask me if she has played with said vet set she so desired? Not nearly as much as the dollhouse that was under the tree.

THE vet set

hutch's haul

the wii was a family gift ( and Monday when our replacement tv part comes in we might actually get to play it)---Finn got the zoo and the basket of puppies

magical reindeer foot prints left on the driveway

this hard to find doll was also on her list (at least it was rare when I stumbled upon it at a certain local retailer and about cried because I didn't have to resort to ebay)---I think she actually liked this gift

getting a close look at the dinosaur

the girl loves dogs

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