Monday, November 22, 2010

Menu Monday

I know I am a bit ahead of the game but I probably won't be blogging anymore this week so it's now or never. I am going to be drowning in weather reports and packing lists, see that ticker over there, yeah that one. Count them with me, 7, only 7 days to get stuff together for the trip of a lifetime.

Sunday- sweet and spicy kielbasa and rice
Monday- hamburger casserole and garlic bread
Tuesday- leftovers
Wednesday- chicken baseballs, squash and fruit
Thursday- turkey day (I'm not cooking)
Friday- leftovers and Iron Bowl game day snacks
Saturday- Who knows because Oh my goodness we leave tomorrow!
Sunday-Saturday- The finest cuisine Disney has to offer

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  1. how do you make the hamburger casserole?? email me @