Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's New?

Not a whole lot here. The weather is warming up some which I love. I don't love the pollen that has started flying around. In fact, I feel pretty rotten. I think I will get over it though. This weekend brings big events that I can't wait to do. Pancakes for breakfast, Tball Jamboree, and Rattlesnake Rodeo on Saturday and our picnic and egg hunt on Sunday. I am planning on making a special dessert for the picnic. What do you think? Can I do it? Now to catch up from the last week or so----

Such a sweet smile

Letting kids dress themselves is dangerous for your eyes!

More Hutch cute-ness

I really feel for him sometimes. On this particular day, they decorated his playmat and called it a parade float. They also put maracas and a purse on his arm so he would look better.

Bumbo time!

I told you I don't like tummy time!

I totally played around with he colors (if you can't tell) and liked the green. It helps to hide the red that was the actual color of his face!

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