Friday, March 26, 2010

Every Single Time

Last Friday at lunchtime we loaded up into the tank and hit the road. Five girls and a boy headed to Tuscaloosa for an evening of flips, tricks and high-flying adventure. Nope, not the circus but this

We were given (thanks to a TeeTee connection) eight tickets to Alabama's last home gymnastics meet. It was a long day of travel but we were determined to make it work. There were no unnecessary stops on the trip north and except for one funny incident at the Stuckey's, it was pretty uneventful as well. Once we arrived, we had a very yummy dinner at Chipotle before the meet started.

Waiting for the show to start I snapped these two pictures with the flash. I was quickly reprimanded and had to turn the flash off for the rest of the night. That is why the quality of the pictures went down. We had a hard time actually watching the gymnasts because we had to work very hard to keep them awake and engaged in the show. The stuff in the next picture helped though.

That is like my bestest dream-- a whole pile of fluffy cotton candy goodness. Too bad it was overpriced or I might have been able to eat more than the few bites we each got.

Finn and Chloe after the sugar kicked in!

Hutch after he woke up from his nap.

A few flipping pictures. It cracks me up that a very small part is mostly focused while the rest is not. I would have amazing pics if I could have used my fast action setting but it would have meant using the flash and that's a big no-no.

It was around 10:30 when we got everyone settled back at the hotel and were able to go to sleep. We were up and at'em early the next morning. We went to Mc Donalds for breakfast and then made a quick stop in Target. After that it was on to Birmingham to shop at the Summit. If it had not been so chilly I could have stayed there all day. I love me some shopping. When everybody but me had had ENOUGH, we headed home. We were within 25 miles of Opp when we heard the words we dread to hear "I need a plat bucket". Sure enough, as soon as she got it under her chin Chloe yakked. Just once I would love to be able to pack the car for a getaway and not have to bring that silly pink bucket. No matter how short a trip it is, we use it Every Single Time. So after she was done, I got the privilege of riding the rest of the way home with that bucket perched on the dashboard and the a/c blowing in my face to dissipate the smell. You may ask yourself why we didn't stop to empty it? We were so close to home and Hutch was still sleeping so I took one for the team. I barely made it without having to use the bucket myself. Thank goodness we did make it home and everybody felt fine the next day.

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