Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Bright and early Saturday morning, we all got up and headed across the street to the middle school cafeteria for the traditional Rattlesnake Rodeo weekend pancake breakfast. Say that 5 times real fast. As soon as we scarfed those delish pancakes we raced back home to properly attire Finn for the Jamboree. We had to be to the ball fields by 8:40 for pictures. It was a bright sunny day but it was crazy windy and we were all cold. The Jamboree was late getting started and by the time our game was underway at 10 we were beginning to freeze. Jeremy ended up coaching second base and boy did our team need it. We (the parents in the stands) have used the following terms of endearments for our team: Misfits, Dingbats and the second cousins of the Bad News Bears. The girls try hard to cover their uniforms with dirt and look like they care what's going on but they don't. Giggling and playing are lots more fun.

waiting for the Jamboree to start

Chloe is Finn's sweetest cheerleader

her first at-bat

running the bases

when she made it all the way back to home she picked up the bat and wanted to hit again

hit it to me I'm ready

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