Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just when I think I will catch up.....

I get further and further behind. This time though I have a really good excuse. The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous the last several days so we have been outside as much as possible. So much so that Finn and Chloe are already sporting a little sunburn. Guess I should put sunscreen on the shopping list. Lots of exciting things are on the agenda for the rest of this month and I can't wait. Hopefully I will be able to fill ya'll in before April gets here.

Finn wrote her first sentence without help. It says "Mama I Love when I play". She is also starting to read and is picking up more and more sight words every day. Her most recent one was "Dr." from the Dr. Pepper bottle. Pure genius I tell ya'!

I hope you can read this letter by enlarging the picture. If you can't, then in short form I was nominated to be included in a Who's Who book by some random company for my recent professional achievements or some such hogwash. I am proud of my achievements in nose wiping and diaper bag packing, but I don't need to be on a list for that.

This is our free 8x10 we received for posing for the church directory. I told you long ago the picture was bad and here's proof. Out of 20 pictures this was the best we had.

Halloween flashback-- I finally got my copy of this picture in the mail and had to share. I hope whatever Finn chooses for her costume this year, she enjoys it as much as she did the dalmatian one.

These were taken at a local fundraiser called Cookies and Character$ aka overpriced admission for questionable likenesses and mass produced sugar cookies. The girls did have fun though and that is all that matters.

At the cookie fundraiser, Jeremy bought each girl a balloon. One lost its string in the kitchen and the chair stack was Finn's creative way to reach it. Thank goodness she did not actually climb on them and try it out. The other balloon got trapped in the ceiling fan in our bedroom approximately 1.75 seconds after I said "make sure that balloon doesn't get close to the fan."

In process pictures of a delicious cheesecake dessert I made for a covered dish dinner at church. I do not have a finished product picture because I took them to church without the cherry topping and they were gone in a heartbeat.

This came off one of my pens. Why in the world do you need to see this? Because the story about how I caught Finn holding it to Hutch's head and calling him an alien is a lot funnier with visual aids. (and yes that is pretty much the whole story)

Hutch turned three months old Feb. 29th. Well he would have if we had had a Feb. 29th this year. This picture was actually taken March 2nd or February 30th, whichever way you want to look at it. At three months, Hutch is mastering his laugh and gives the bestest smiles. He loves to talk and has been known to preach and testify. He has not yet rolled over but I blame myself for that one. He hates tummy time even more now and I just plain forget to make him do it. I'm trying to be better but he will do it eventually. No worries. The other big news in Hutch world is he has a tooth. It will be a few weeks I think before it is all the way out, but you can see it and feel the tiniest tip of it. I am not ready for him to have teeth. I guess we will skip baby food and head straight to ribeyes and t-bones.

Chloe invented a new way to ride her tractor!

Giggles and fun in the sun!

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  1. You crack me up with your storytelling! I love the new pictures! Looks like y'all have spring fever too! I can't believe Hutch already has a tooth! Aubrey has been drooling since she was 2 months old, but no teeth yet! Ava didn't get her first tooth until she was 6 months! So, we'll see!