Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sticks and stones and stubborn boys

Sunday afternoon we spent the entire afternoon outside. The weather has been incredibly awesome the past few days and we have taken full advantage if it. The girls have been riding bikes more and I am happy to report Finn has taken off down the alley more times than I can count. This is huge for her and I am very proud. While we were outside the girls decided that they needed to build a dad trap with wood and mechanical things. When they realized we were not going to give them those items, they resorted to scarecrow construction. This is Hula the Scarecrow.

Stones really are not a part of this blog post but using the words thin mint and caramel delites upset the flow of the title. We are knee deep in cookies over here and our only worry in this world is will all the boxes sell? So far it hasn't been too bad .

Today Hutch decided to really show his beloved MDO teacher his stubborn side. Another tyke bumped into him causing his block gun to disintegrate before his very eyes. He melted and proceeded to scream. For so long he missed lunch . He was still refusing to clean up the pieces on the floor when we arrived. So after trying to reason with him (so not happening), I sat outside and read a book. (Note to self-- buy Jamberry for the kids). After he stopped complaining that his legs wouldn't work and his hands hurt, I convinced him to pick the blocks. I got him to tell me the colors after I claimed green was blue. Then we broke the small stack into three pieces. I claimed one was so heavy I couldn't lift it and asked him to help since he was so strong. He quickly came to my aid, me being a damsel in distress and all. He's such a prince!!!!

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