Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All the news that's fit to print

This past week plus a day has been insane for the family. Last Monday we had a marathon trip to Birmingham where Finn saw an allergist. We are trying to get to the bottom of her allergies/sensitivities/non allergies. We are not sure at this point what she's allergic to other than the environmental stuff. The food allergies that were diagnosed last year are now being called a curve ball. In a nutshell, she shouldn't have positive skin tests like she does because she hasn't had a classic reaction. We are waiting on blood tests results to help us figure this puzzle out. While we were there, Chloe started acting sick. By Tuesday morning the fever was high so she stayed home. I kept her home Wednesday but sent her to school Thursday. She seemed better and did make it all day. That night the cough started. I sent her on to school Friday but ended up picking her up early. She was really sick and couldn't catch her breath due to coughing. What do you do when you can't get an appointment with your doctor and don't think it's ER worthy. You sleep in a chair for two nights and give the strongest OTC cough meds you can give. She's finally turning a corner only to have the boys coming down with it. It's not the flu though. Yesterday I spent most of the day figuring that last part out with a visit to the doctor.
*****Very important story coming up--- Finn scored a basket in her Upward game Friday night. I sure hated I missed it and might have been jealous of those who got to be there. I'm pretty certain they didn't cheer as loud as I would have. Chloe needed me to be with her though. And even though I was sad, I'm so thankful she had people willing to jump up and down for her and a referee in the game who didn't call a foul when she ran over and hugged him.

Today has been one of those days that makes you wish you could hire that assistant you always dream about. It's Tuesday and it's my favorite day of the week. It's MDO day and it is supposed to be my time. Well, since Hutch was sick I kept him home. I didn't want to but I could tell he really didn't need to go. I let him watch a lot of shows while I made cupcakes for the soccer party tonight. I wanted to make an adorable soccer ball cupcake creation but it ended up closer to a featured photo on the wrecked cakes website. Thank goodness the kids didn't care.  When Hutch realized he was completely missing school, he cried the most pitiful cry and said "all my friends will be mad at me".   At one point in the afternoon, I walked outside and realized Martha the bunny was not in her cage. I freaked out because its not like a dog with a collar. She would never be found. I had to leave to start the dance craziness so I didn't get to search long. The entire afternoon I just kept praying the rabbit would be found before I had to tell the girls. I'm guessing I prayed about 100 times! We were rushing home from dance to go to the soccer party and I uttered about 5 prayers in a row. After the last one, my phone rang.  It was Granna and she had an amazing story to tell.  My next door neighbor was at her house asking her if we had a rabbit.  Martha was sitting in the driveway of his house.   So TeeTee and Granna raced up there while I sped home from dance.  Martha is safely ensconced in her cage with a  heavy brick on top now.  I grabbed Finn and headed off to the soccer party while J.B. and Hutch were loved on at the gray house.  J.B. is sick now.   I ran all day long it felt like and it's been nice so far today to be lazy.  We have bad weather headed our way soon and I'm exhausted already.  But to quote Dory, "I'll just keep swimming, just keep swimming".

Kirsten our newest Craigs  list American girl find---I used a handy dandy picture tutorial and restrung her arms and legs.  She can now stand up like she is supposed to without falling over.

A gorgeous night sky picture I posted on facebook, but it was so pretty you need to see it twice.

J.B. being cute as TeeTee tried to get a picture of his pants on the ground.  None of his pants stay up very well due to his very skinny waist.

Finn bathed and dressed both boys for bed the other night.  I think I'll start calling her Lilliantoo.

A little bit of food coloring, some toothpicks and the girls had a marshmallow surprise in their lunchbox.

The soccer ball cupcake brownie creation.  It tasted good.  That's the most important thing right?

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