Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boys and Street Urchins

Ever since Hutch turned 3 (and he did although there is no blog post to prove it yet), he has been obsessed with more and more boy things. Motorcycles, lasers and shoot guns are all part of his day from the moment he wakes up. When he isn't talking about those things, he is in the backyard digging in dirt or talking about big pucks and dump pucks. He is all boy and although I am still more comfortable in the midst of dolls and princesses I love him more than anything.  

We have had awesome weather the past couple of days and have spent lots and lots of time outside. We even had the windows open today. This afternoon the kids wanted to go to the park so we said okay. They decided that since it was winter they needed cold weather gear even though it was mid-60's. Here is my ragtag bunch of street urchins-- Gypsy Rose, Deckhand Pete, Floopsy the dog, and Fashionista Finn.

P.S. Urchins is a term of endearment bestowed on my monkeys by a wonderfully sweet old man at our church. It sounds slightly better than ankle biting curtain climbers.

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