Monday, January 7, 2013

All about love....

Not quite two weeks before Christmas a horrible thing happened at a school. I watched a little too much news coverage and was depressed for days. Most of the victims were children the ages of my girls. Even being far removed I hurt. I did my best to put on a happy face but Christmas had an air of sadness.  I was getting more and more successful at putting it out of my mind. Until I ran into a friend at the park. The subject came up and she said that one of the little girls looked like Chloe to her and that she wasn't the only one who thought it. For a few minutes I was back on that day and the hurt came back. I swallowed it down and jumped back into the moment watching my kids play. 

I am following some face book pages of victims and one set of parents use the phrase love wins. Even in the depths of their grief they proclaim love does and will win. It's inspiring to say the very least. 

On Friday when I was sitting on the floor at MOPs working on a heart shaped door hanging it hit me. I could add a reminder for myself and hopefully never ever forget those kids and that school. On the back of my heart in purple paint I wrote love wins. And maybe some day when the girls ask I will be able to tell them why I did it.  I'll tell them about that family and those kids, and how love wins.  Because it does.  Just look around. 

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