Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dress Like a Circus Star Night

When the girls came home from VBS Wednesday night, they excitedly told me the next night's theme. It was "dress like a circus star" night and they wanted to be an acrobat (Chloe) and a ringmaster (Finn). I wasn't surprised she chose to be the one who runs the show, but I was sure it would take a lot of creativity to pull it off. I was not worried about Chloe's outfit because it was easy to pull together. I started making a list of ringmastery things like red coat, vest, hat, etc. Somehow in less than 24 hours in an area that doesn't even have a Targett, I (meaning me and TeeTee) was able to do it. It took a stop at a thrift store, a borrowed item or two, and a stop at Freds. Don't they look great though?

When Hutch saw Finn getting made up with her mustache, he had to have one too. Doesn't he look smashing and handsome?

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