Sunday, July 17, 2011

Going to the Zoo

Now I know, most of you would say why go there and pay to get in when you live in one? Let's just call it an expensive family reunion. Last Friday, we loaded up early and hit the road. It was a church sponsored trip and I invited one of Finley's friends from school to go with us. Loading all 4 up and driving alone to Montgomery wasn't that terrible, but I am sure a few questioned my sanity. The most important thing though was we had a BLAST! It was gray and rainy and the zoo was mostly empty. Since I was anticipating a hot day, this was a nice surprise.

Hutch with his zoo map and admission bracelet. He was actually free since he was under 2, but when all the other kids put their bracelets on, he held his arm up. I gave him mine so he wouldn't feel left out. He wore it all day without ever trying to take it off.

The zoo crew- Chloe, Hutch, J.B., Finley, Damian and Hayden

Do I really need to explain why this picture made the cut?

Chloe and the flapinkos

Trying to decide where to go next

Finn and the jaguars

Feeding the giraffes almost didn't happen. The zookeeper said they wouldn't come eat because it was raining. We tried anyway and thankfully they were hungry enough to come over. The girls said it tickled.

Chloe takes a seat while Hutch gets to walk. Most of the time he did good and stayed close by the stroller. If he fell behind or strayed too far, all I had to do was say "go catch the big kids" and he would take off.

Hutch loved and stepped in every puddle at the zoo. Splish splash! We had such a good time and I want to go back again soon.

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