Wednesday, July 13, 2011

17 Down, 25 To Go

The past two weeks we have been doing a lot of running. Running to swimming lessons, running back home, juggling the kids all the while. Finn and Chloe did well at their lessons which I happened to find thanks to Faycebook. Now we are running to the library every day for summer reading activities and next week we will be doing another VBS and art class. Why am I doing all this running? To keep the kids busy since Jeremy has been gone. He has been on work trips for most of J.B.'s short life and will be gone for a lot of the next 4 months. So we keep busy and then the kids are not as focused on the fact that Daddy isn't home. It works out well for me too.

Friday, we are heading to the Montgomery Zoo for the day. It is going to be hot, but since we haven't been there ever, it should be fun. The best part is the surprise I have in store for Finn. Her best boyfriend, her one true love (as she called him one day), is going too. She is going to flip. I promise tons of pictures of the happy couple.

More funny quotes and things I am mainly recording so I don't forget--skip if you must!

Finley describing her cupcake: Daddy is the cupcake, these four sprinkle hearts are Mommy, Chloe, Hutch and J.B. The frosting is Jesus and God is the sprinkles.

Both girls- John was babbatized, can we be babbatized too one day?

Finn: Wrassled is the Spanish word for wrestling.

Hutch has a new face he makes when he gets into trouble. He squints his eyes up tight, smiles and tries to sneak by the adult who just busted him.

Hutch: Cat Cat when he sneezes.

When you ask Hutch to do something he says "shuh" for sure.

Every day he is adding new vocab to his arsenal, and I love it. Some of my favorites include please, thank you (he has only said that once or twice), pop, bubbles, and ReeRee for Reesee. He loves to give her food and water and has been known to give her several days worth of dinners if he isn't watched closely. I mean really closely too. He is a very cute but very big messmaker.

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