Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th Plus More

With this picture filled post, I will be caught up and not two weeks behind like normal. So here is the more from the title. Hutch has been more and more adventurous (read as destructive and daring) so I am rarely shocked to see him sitting on the dining room table or trying to flush toys down the potty. This particular day he decided to sit inside the bottom cabinet of a furniture piece I have and before I found him, I heard him laughing. He is also developing his sense of humor and laughs at random points in cartoon shows. Now that is funny!

On the 4th, we stayed at home until the early afternoon when we headed to the gray house. The girls made delectable marshmallow treats and played together.

Hutch looking cute outside. I did not take a group picture of the kids but they all had on some form of red, white, and blue clothes.

Look at his beautiful hair now! He will not go to kindergarten bald, he will not go to kindergarten bald.

Chloe waiting ever so patiently for the blessing to be over.

I asked her to smile pretty and this is what I got.

Ah, wittle shrimp, I am going to eat you all up!!!

Finn even dressed Baby Jaguar up for the holiday.

Hutch helping to make the ice cream.

J.B. on his 1st 4th!

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