Monday, May 30, 2011

The Week Before

The week before Finn's birthday we had lots of stuff going on here at Scott House. First Hutch invented a new way to blow bubbles. There wasn't a whole lot of success in his endeavor, but if you ask him, he is one step away from patenting the technique.

On Wednesday, Finley took cupcakes to school to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. She chose apples with worms. Yummy!

Chloe enjoyed her leftover cupcake!

Hutch did too!

J.B. also had his first tub bath. We had a long wait for the cord to fall off but it finally did. So in he went for a good scrub down. He did not like it at all.

Then we had the last day of school which was hard for everyone. Finn cried a lot. She said "she would never see her teacher again and her heart was broke." I wasn't prepared for her to be so upset, but knowing how she reacts to big changes, I should have been ready with the tissue. Next year, Finley will be a huge first grader and Chloe will be attending preschool at the elementary school.

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