Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Other Stuff

This is a catch up on a LOT of other stuff post. I missed a few events before and after the birth of the tiny boy so here you go. I know you don't want to miss a thing.

The tee ball season ended with a bang. Or was it a whimper? The days had gotten progressively hotter so I know at least two of the Diamond Dolls who wilted in their positions. After receiving her trophy, Finley said they had it all wrong. "I'm not gray and I don't have hair like that."

Outdoor Playdoh Playtime

For three Fridays in a row Finn had a special school event requiring her to wear her beautiful orange shirt. First up, was a field trip to a petting zoo. I was not allowed to go (no parents were) because only school personnel chaperoned. Dumb if you ask me but nobody did. This was Finn on her way to school.

The next week was Field Day. She had lots of fun in the organized chaos. She received two ribbons for her efforts in the sack race and baton relay.

The final Friday of Fun was the kindergarten program. I have never laughed so hard or been so close to crying as I was that day. I blame the post partum hormones and the fact that during the last song I kept seeing Finn in a cap and gown. Sniff sniff, it goes too fast.

Doesn't she make a wonderful hammer?

Hutch, dear sweet Hutch, has had a hard adjustment to the role of big brother. He is getting better but there are times days he just doesn't like the tiny crying thing. He has dumped sand and potting soil on him along with a lot of other stuff. He has also taken over the bouncy seat.

J.B. on Mother's Day

Chloe holding the tiny one

Hutch demonstrating the "dentle" (gentle) one finger touch technique.

Looking all cute and matchy!

A rare moment of brotherly love

Coming next---The Wild Wettin' Weekend in Tuscaloosa

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