Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goin' to the Chapel of Love

On Friday the 13th (ooooo spooky) we hit the road bound for T-town. We had a very important date to keep and we didn't want to be late. The kids travelled really well and most importantly, no one threw up. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we ran into E squared and my Uncle Jon. From that point forward, the cousin love fest was on! There was bed testing,


more bed testing,

holding "leeetle baybeez",

more hugging,

cheese faces,

and tv watching. This was a rare moment of stillness from these four.

Late on Friday night, after Finn and Chloe had tormented Molly the babysitter for a while, we let the kids in on a hotel secret. You can eat ice cream out of the carton if you want. They do not need to know that you can also do this at home.

I think they really liked it!

Saturday morning we ditched three of the kids with Aunt Sam and went to Target. To get there we had to drive past 15th Street and the tornado damage. More than two weeks had passed but it still took my breath away. Words are pretty inadequate since that town will never be the same. According to a sign in front of the rubble pile that was Krispy Kreme, they will be back. So will I and I can't wait to see that Hot Now sign flashing again.

After lunch, a short siesta, and a frenzied trip to the church I saw most of the wedding. I had to take Hutch out for a few minutes because he kept shoving his cup towards me saying "cheers!" loudly. Not exactly what you want the people around you to hear. The reception was a lot of fun and for a long time, the short cousins took over the dance floor.

There was also rolling down the hill (after a clothing change) and lots of yummy food. The kids even got to sit in the "limbo" and Chloe has requested one for her future wettin'.

Sunday morning we ate a late breakfast at IHOP and then went back to the hotel to pack up and take a few more pictures. For the record, there is one person we know that has less hair than Hutch.

A little more love for the "leeetle baybeez".

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