Monday, April 25, 2011


Our Easter weekend was pretty jam-packed with fun so I am not going to be able to put it all in one post. I would never deny my loyal readers several posts in a row about the same stuff. It would make them way too sad. So here goes. Early Saturday morning we headed to an egg hunt. 3 kids in 3 different age groups with 2 adults means no pictures. They had a blast though and Hutch managed to get 4 or 5 eggs but only after he dropped the rock in his right hand. Finn and Chloe really racked up though. After that we went back home where we dipped eggs in dye and discovered a wonderful surprise.

this is Hutch expressing his dismay that he kept hearing "no touch Hutch"

this is Chloe showing us what she thinks of vinegar

art in progress

Chloe's favorite word: HAPPY

It's one of the few she can spell and today she wrote it in her new diary. When Jeremy asked her why she wrote that word again, she said "diaries are where we write our feelings and I am happy".

Here was the big surprise. The swing set was FINALLY finished. Jeremy had to work on it off and on for several days much to the impatience and sadness of the girls, but the wait was definitely worth it.


The girls absolutely love it!

Hutch notsomuch. He doesn't like the swing either. What he does like is giving me heart attacks by climbing the ladder again and again with no clue how to get down.

While he is up in the fort he is very happy and proud of himself.

Then we hunted our eggs for a few rounds. The girls were sneaky creeping up on them lest those wacky eggs get spooked and run away.

What was the best way to end this Saturday? Getting to eat the eggs of course!!!

I have a post about Sunday to get to, the true story of Chloe's stitches last week to finish up, and hopefully will get to post pictures of J.B. by the weekend. Things in this house are about to get very very crazy and I can't wait!

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