Monday, April 11, 2011

Rhyme Time and Other Funnies

Coming into the house tonight I told the girls to put their drink in the sink. Chloe said "oooooo, that rhymes." I said "so does hop and pop". Finley then piped up, "so does excellent and smexcellent." Technically, yes, but I am not sure that would be an acceptable example in English class.

While the girls were getting ready for church yesterday, I heard the following exchange.

Jeremy: Is there a reason Clippity (the stuffed horse) is wearing high heels?
Chloe: Daddy, her hooves are broken.


Chloe spilled milk at dinner tonight and when she got upset about having to clean it up, she yelled "I'm never eating dinner again" as she ran to her room. She did end up eating a few minutes later after she had calmed down.

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