Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Sunday morning the kidlets woke up to discover the Easter Bunny had stopped by while they were dreaming. They were most excited about the umbrellas and rain boots.

J.B. had a "justincase" basket and outfit for church but he didn't end up needing them. :(

Hutch looking dapper in his sweater vest.

Sweet sisterly love!

A pretty typical picture of the three of them together.

After church while we waited for the big Easter meal, the kids hit the pool. Unfortunately our purple plastic pool has disappeared so we had to make do with a small inflatable one and a drink holder from one of Finn's birthday parties.

Big surprise that Hutch was happier on the sidewalk than in the pool. He enjoyed watching the girls splash and jump though.

After a little while the girls had splashed out a lot of their water so Hutch helped them refill the pool. He really liked doing that.

With a little help from his Daddy he did what any little brother would do. He started spraying his sisters with the hose. Boys, hmmmmm.

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