Sunday, July 11, 2010

Athens Part 2

Saturday morning we were all a little tired so we ended up just hanging around the house for a while. Finn and Chloe had stayed at MawMaw's house and came back to Alice's in the morning. Webb, Lillian and Wynn were anxiously awaiting their arrival and as soon as they got there, it was straight into the pool.

After they had dried off and eaten some lunch, the kids decided to go to the movie theater. They all curled up in this wonderful bed and zoned out to Shrek. They were warned that "there was no talking in movie theaters" so they stayed quiet.

After that, they took time out of their playing and running around to pose for a few pictures with Aunt Kaye.

Then Finn and Chloe did a little web-surfing and game playing at p--b--s--kids dot org.

This was followed up by interpretative drumming! Chloe had the beat for sure.

Then Granddad had to entertain the Scream Machine and did pretty well with it.

(I missed getting a picture of Alice and Scream Machine although she did hold him a lot. He even allowed himself to doze off once or twice while she walked him around. Amazing!)

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